About us

The group of expert and a networking of women in Inclusive Women Development Forum Nepal (IWDFN )is a nonprofit organization, working among the most needy, poor and conflicted children and women of Nepal.
This organization was established in 2065 BS with a vision to bring relief and awareness program among the women, children and helpless people of the community.
IWDFN is a small organization with a vision to serve and support those people of community that are at dire need. It is committed and dedicated to the women empowerment, skill based training, literacy program to women who are struggling to read and write. Problems like this have has pushed them behind and having difficulties to conduct everyday business and run life.
In spite of having intensive desire to attend the school poor and needy children due to family problems are not able to get education. At this time we are coming up with education for all the children program. This program encompasses the children at risk who have no access to school. Though child has interest to go to school but due to severe family financial problems, he or she is not being able to attend the school. Now, IWDFN is working among the children and providing them scholarships at different schools in the valley.
IWDFN runs training programs, workshops and conducts social awareness activities on social issues, and problems owing to deeply rooted and practiced from the ancient time. IWDFN has come across through many social issues which have remained unaddressed. Awareness programs, like family management, resolving family crisis and handling violent, as well as domestic conflicts.
IWDFN believes in a team spirit, believes in the motto "United we stand" It is seeking strong coordination and cooperation from the organizations who have served the community and country in various aspects and spectrums of life. It definitely shall be a great support and partner to our organization, to reach people with the literacy program, to educate children and show them way to develop and conduct their lives.
As you support this program, I am confident that it would add more meaning to the effort that your company has put in the field of social services though out the nation. This obviously would be a vital breakthrough in the field of uplifting poor women and children at risk.
Your little help can do much greater work in the lives of those who are yawning for life to live.