IWDFN seeks to utilize the local resources to promote the national and local products to uplift the economic level of its nation and the countrymen in the countryside. IWDFN has been affiliated with such a people who are really hardworking and creative to enhance the local market. IWDFN works to motivate and mobililze the skillful and desirous people for futher promotion of local products of best quality.

The group of expert and a networking of women in IWDFN seeks to provide economic empowerment for the desired women in the locality. Consequently IWDFN conducted 7 days knitting program in September 1st week to 16 women in the locality to develop its helping wings for the production of winter wears in the days to come.

On the occasion of Women day IWDFN conducted one day health camp to provide awareness about the non-communicable diseases to the local people of Shantinagar Kathmandu. The health camp was supported by the team Life Care Hospital under the supervision of Dr.Ravi Rauniyar. The program facilitated 254 women and 13 men.